2021 TAICCA SCHOOL_Music Management Program(English version)

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* Special thanks to Midem:

I. About the Program

Artists from various countries keep participating in overseas music events through different approaches during the pandemic era. Meanwhile, lots of industry professionals focus on building a solid foundation for the future at this point.

After researching the business management courses overseas and taking the current trends and visions at home into consideration, TAICCA presented its first Music Management Program with a customized curriculum last year, in cooperation with LUCfest. Reflecting on the feedback from all sides, this year, the program focuses on three categories and workshops, helping attendees refine their EPK (Electronic Press Kit) and business plan.

More for the second edition of the program, TAICCA and Midem have sealed an official partnership with an MOU to boost Taiwan's music industry and talents. Midem will select teams from attendance of this program and TAICCA's collaboration stage at LUCfest this year to join Midem Talent Exporter (MTE) and Midem Songwriting Camp (SWC). Selected Taiwanese artists would receive support from MTE, SWC and TAICCA.

The program will also work with the Music Export Office from several countries to promote, allowing overseas professionals to audit courses for the first time. Besides building a relationship between the local and overseas industry, TAICCA aims to create an effective communication space in the pandemic era, constantly pouring energy into the music industry as a facilitator of a better music business.

II. Curriculum

- All the courses will be online with subtitles or interpreters, and we will provide a link to Zoom.
- As for“Workshop - Getting to Wow! The Keys to an Effective EPK”, BRIEN and Linda Valenziano will help with reviewing and refining the EPK.
- Click here to get more information about the instructors and the topics.


Time (GMT+8)


Topics (incl. Q&A Session)

Instructors from the Industry





★Opening Remarks + Self-Introduction Session 







Business Management

Workshop -
How to Get Your Talent Export-Ready: MTE as a Case Study

Delphine Grospiron




Branding for the Indie Artists: Learn from Asian Indie Management Company

Jungu Jeong
(Magic Strawberry Sound)



The Art and Practice of an International Artist Management Company

Rasmus Damsholt
(ATC Management)




Workshop -
Getting to Wow! The Keys to an Effective EPK

Adam Lewis
(The Planetary Group)




Workshop -
Business Plan Pitching: Presentation

Thomas Quenoil



TAICCA SCHOOL General Studies (incl. tax issues, basic accounting):
Recorded Courses + Information Kit




Planning for Tours


Market Analysis

A Practical Guide to Touring

Anita Richelli
(Brighter Agency)




Touring Log: The Journey of EU/US Touring Agent

Ferry Rais-Shaghaghi
(Creative Artists Agency)



Touring in Asia: Trend, Marketing and Strategy

Nora Wong
(Live Nation)



TAICCA SCHOOL An Observation on the Trends and Market Overseas:
Information Kit







The Value of Collaboration: Establish Mutual Benefits for Brands and Artists

Dan Garber



Heading to International and Interdisciplinary Music Festivals: Learn from Festival Masters

Martin Elbourne
(Glastonbury Festival)

Andy Jones
(FOCUS Wales) 



TAICCA SCHOOL Pitching Class:
Recorded Courses + Information Kit





★Closing Ceremony


III. How to Register?

1. For whom?
Music industry professionals with proficiency in English, or other languages, would be most suitable for the program. The ideal applicant should be familiar with global industry trends and wish to explore the international market. We are looking for talents including but not limited to songwriters, tour managers, and professionals from indie labels or entertainment agencies.

2. Required materials
We require basic info of the applicants and the EPK of the musicians they work with, a description of their past experience, current or future management plans. 

3. Procedure of application

  • a. Please apply via email.
    Title your email with “Apply for 2021 Music Management Program” and please type the name of your organization directly after.
    Submit your application by email to [email protected] by 21st Sep 2021 (GMT +8).
  • b. Please upload the required application materials to a personal, cloud-based folder and send us the link with access. PDF files are preferred.
  • c. Please indicate in the email whether you are going to enroll in all the workshops or only select ones. (Please refer to Paragraph a, “Selection”, for more details.)

4. Selection

  • a. Applicants who choose to take part in the full schedule will be prioritized. 10 to 15 applicants will be chosen. However, we may open 5 to 10 more seats for people who cannot take part in all the workshops, this is all depending on the number of applicant entries.
  • b. The administrators will examine the submitted documents by the order of the time in which the applications are received. The administrators will evaluate the applicants' overall potential in the music management industry, and look at the proposals to shortlist these applicants. The chosen candidates will receive the notification one week prior to the first class.
  • c. After the candidates receive a notification of invitation, they should pay a deposit fee of 100 USD to secure their seats. If the candidates fail to complete the payment or cancel their application, the opportunities will be given to the next in line on the waitlist.
  • d. If the applicant or their proxy attends at least 85% of the program, they will be able to claim back the full amount of the deposit money within 30 days after the program is over.

5. Rights and Duties

  • a. For applicants who attend the full schedule of the program, they will get the chance to present their proposal at the last class workshop. The applicants that successfully complete the workshops will receive a certificate awarded by TAICCA.
  • b. For applicants who are recommended by the instructors, their contact information will be archived and tracked by TAICCA for future collaborative plans. TAICCA may also introduce them to useful resources according to their needs, or invite them to collaborate with TAICCA on future projects.
  • c. Classroom performance and attendance are vital to obtain aforementioned benefits from TAICCA. Therefore, if you won't be able to attend certain workshop classes, try your best to notify us one week prior to the event so we can give your seat to people in the waitlist.
  • d. The organizer reserves the rights to modify and/or change the details of the event at any time. The organizer may publish more information about any opportunities which have not been listed in this document.

* Contact TAICCA SCHOOL at [email protected] or +886-2-2745-8186 #717、#719
* Program Contact: Shane Lin +886-2-2745-8186 #519, [email protected]
* Strategic Partner: Midem|LUCfest
* Key visual designed by biaugust Creation Office

* 2020 Program Highlights: https://reurl.cc/q1z4E0
* Recommended documentary and podcast before the program: 《Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon》 + [The Knowledge Project Ep. #65]